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Thursday 10 June

  • "The Future of Technical E-Books" offer (14:00) - William Woishnis, Knovel's co-founder, and the founder of William Andrew Publishing, made a presentation at the SLA Annual Conference on "The Future of Technical E-Books". An article is being prepared based on the presentation and has the following content: New... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Tuesday 11 May

  • Update on Endnote filter for Ei INSPEC (19:07) - Well, it would seem that you don't need a filter for Ei Inspec. Endnote 7 has a direct import option for Ei Inspec instead of a filter. Apologies for posting a false call to arms :)... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments
  • Endnote filter for Ei INSPEC (14:53) - Brought to the attention on the ELD-L list is the absence of an Endnote import filter for Ei INSPEC. There is one though for several of the INSPEC platforms and even one for Compendex. If enough people request the new... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Monday 15 March

  • Testers needed for HistCite (14:45) - Gene Garfield, president and editor-in-chief of The Scientist and Founder & Chairman Emeritus of the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) is looking for a few good librarians to test a new software product, HistCite. HistCite(tm), a system for historiographic analysis.... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Monday 27 October

  • Athens authentification in Axiom (11:53) - Starting today, users of the Axiom interface may notice a box at the top right of all Axiom pages referring to Athens. Athens is an access management system to control access to web-based suscription services that is different from IP... | 0 Comments

Thursday 23 October

  • PDA resources (14:14) - Here is a nice page for Science and Engineering PDA resources from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute's George C. Gordon Library.... | 0 Comments

Sunday 5 October

  • C is for Cookie (07:19) - This is the true purpose of science: make cookies better :) This is available in the December 2003 issue of IoP's Measurement Science and Technology.... | 0 Comments

Monday 31 March

Thursday 6 March

  • ENCompass (14:56) - I spent my morning at a presentation of ENCompass by Endeavor people. What a nifty tool. It sure seems nice to be able to look up a library catalog, e-books, articles databases and websites all in one search. If anybody... | 0 Comments

Saturday 1 February

  • RSS Feeds? (15:54) - Here is a nice introduction to RSS feeds "for the non-techie librarian". By the way, you can have a feed off Englib. Just look for the "Syndicate this site" link in the right-hand column.... | 1 Comments