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Wednesday 26 January

  • Engineers Week (09:45) - Engineers Week is coming soon, from February 20th to the 26th. Is your library/information center doing anything special for the occasion? At work here, we are putting up our annual exhibit, this time on Wireless and Mobile Computing.... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Wednesday 19 January

  • Burndy Library moving? (11:37) - Bob Michaelson posted on relevant newsgroups today about the possible move of the Burndy Library and the Dibner Institute for the History of Science and Technology after being associated with MIT since 1992. Among the interested for the new site... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Tuesday 28 December

  • Water damage in UNew Mexico (09:50) - The Centennial Science and Engineering Library at the University of New Mexico suffered severe water damage over the Christmas week-end due to bursting pipes. Camila A. Alire, Dean of Library Services, expects that the renovation and restoration of both building... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Saturday 11 December

  • CAS sues Google over the use of "scholar" (16:43) - CAS's complaint is over trademark infringement and unfair competition. Why? "Google Scholar" sounds a lot like "SciFinder Scholar", one of CAS's products.... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Monday 7 June

  • And talking about socializing... (22:56) - ... Christina Pikas is blogging on her own blog beside me right now... Hey, small world... I am having a good time here!... | 1 Trackbacks | 0 Comments
  • Drinkin' in the PAM suite (22:46) - John Dupuis here...Enjoying the atmosphere at SLA. One of the most important functions at any professional conference is networking, and that is certainly the case here. One of my favourite things at conferences is meeting with fellow librarians and especailly... | 2 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Friday 26 March

  • Mark your calendars shrimp lovers! (17:38) - So, OK, NASA found some evidence of the past presence of seawater on Mars. That's great and all. But now, Long John's Silver is making good on its promise of offering every American a free Giant Shrimp if said evidence... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Wednesday 10 March

  • New Faces of Engineering (15:54) - In honor of National Engineers Week, February 22nd to the 28th, the engineering community is recognizing its up-and-coming personalities.... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Tuesday 16 December

  • Journal articles ghostwriters (11:45) - An article about ghostwriters employed in the pharmaceutical industry was published in the Observer on December 7th. Articles are then published under doctors' and researchers' names.... | 0 Comments

Thursday 20 November

  • Taylor & Francis to acquire Marcel Dekker (14:49) - Publisher Taylor & Francis has announced that it has struck a deal to buy publisher Marcel Dekker, Inc. Taylor & Francis have recently acquired Swets & Zeitlinger Publishers, CRC Press, and Frank Cass.... | 0 Comments

Friday 31 October

  • NMS recipients (15:46) - The White House announced the names of eight scientists and engineers who will receive the National Medal of Science for 2002 in a ceremony on November 6. Recipients are: Leo L. Beranek (engineering), John I Brauman (organic and physical chemistry),... | 0 Comments
  • More solar flares (14:50) - The solar flares are still going on. Any problems where you are?... | 1 Comments

Saturday 11 October

  • Nobel Prizes (12:22) - The Nobel Prize winners have been announced: - in Chemistry, Peter Agre (USA) "for discoveries concerning channels in cell membranes" and "for the discovery of water channels" along with Roderick MacKinnon (USA) "for structural and mechanistic studies of ion channels"... | 0 Comments

Monday 29 September

  • Space cannibalism (20:46) - Our Milky Way galaxy is having our galactic neighbor, the Sagittarius galaxy, for lunch. The December 20 issue of the Astrophysical Journal will have more details.... | 0 Comments

Friday 26 September

  • 2003 Engineering SLA Librarian of the Year (14:58) - A bit of old news but it had escaped my attention (my apologies): the 2003 Engineering Librarian of the Year Award was presented Charles Wenger, Dean of Library Services at the Archbishop Alemany Library, Dominican University of California. Among his... | 0 Comments

Friday 18 July

  • BioMed Central in the UK (14:59) - A deal has been struck between the United Kingdom high education authorities and BioMed Central. The article-processing fees will be waived for UK researchers to encourage them to publish the results of their research in open-access journals.... | 0 Comments

Thursday 5 June

  • Acquisitions in the publishing world (15:54) - A proposed acquisition risks to create another monolithic publisher, trailing the heels of Elsevier Science. The two equity firms that acquired Kluwer Academic Publishers in January, Candover and Cinven, now want to buy BertelsmannSpringer. They intend to merge Kluwer and... | 0 Comments

Friday 9 May

  • SLA HQ for sale? (16:00) - An Open Forum to discuss the potential sale of the SLA headquarters building will be held on Tuesday, May 20, 10:00am at the SLA headquarters conference room, 1700 18th Street NW, Washington, DC. For RSVP.... | 0 Comments

Monday 5 May

  • ALA in Toronto (14:37) - ALA has confirmed that its annual conference will take place in Toronto this year, in conjunction with the Canadian Library Association's conference.... | 0 Comments

Wednesday 30 April

  • Governmentwide e-grant site to debut this fall (13:52) - The federal government expects to have a single Web site for posting information on all available grants by October 2003. It would involve some 26 federal department and agencies that distribute $400 billion in federal grants annually.... | 0 Comments

Wednesday 23 April

  • "If it contains carbon, we can do it." (10:32) - Discover Magazine is an interesting magazine indeed, but this article really catches the eye. Thermal depolymerization will transform 100 pounds of plastic bottles into 70 pounds of oil, 16 pounds of gas, 6 pounds of carbon solids and 8 pounds... | 2 Comments

Saturday 29 March

  • Profits for Elsevier (17:09) - 2002 has been profitable for Reed-Elsevier. Their reported 2002 net profit went up 43% from the previous year to reach $288.9 million, up 43% from GBP 126 million the previous year. Revenue climbed 10%. What is the secret of their... | 0 Comments

Saturday 22 March

  • Science Festival for girls at Linda Hall (16:30) - On April 26, the Linda Hall Library, along with other organizations, will host the Sally Ride-UMKC Science Festival for 5th to 8th grade girls. The message of the festival is that women can succeed in science. A total of 36... | 0 Comments

Wednesday 19 February

  • Self-censoring - Nature's editorial (15:29) - You will find on the FOS Forum, Nature's forthcoming editorial on their decision to censor their journals in fear of bioterrorism.... | 0 Comments
  • Self-censoring by science journals (09:27) - This is from the Washington Post but you will find it elsewhere too: Editors of 32 publications and scientific associations have agreed to edit the papers they publish in a way that would delete details that might help terrorists make... | 0 Comments

Tuesday 4 February

  • USA Patriot Act (13:32) - The ALA Council approved the following resolution on the USA Patriot Act. Here is one article on the subject by Diana Lynne in the WorldNetDaily.... | 0 Comments

Wednesday 22 January

  • Save the Libraries Rally (11:10) - If you are in the Philadephia area this Friday January 24th, for the Mid-Winter conference or not, consider participating in ALA's Save America's Libraries rally. The rendez-vous point is at Room 108A, at the Philadelphia Convention Center, 12-1PM.... | 0 Comments

Friday 10 January

  • National Engineers Week (10:49) - The National Engineers Week is coming up February 16th to the 22nd. Is your library doing anything?... | 0 Comments

Friday 20 December

  • AI collection burns down (15:29) - A fire destroyed an extensive collection devoted to Artificial Intelligence at the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh on December 7th, along with the library building and equipments. The collection contained some 5,000 books, 800 journals and 35,000... | 0 Comments

Monday 9 December

  • FirstGov for Science (15:50) - Fourteen scientific and technical information organizations from 10 major science agencies have announced last week the creation of FirstGov for Science, a gateway to reliable information to federal scientific information. Technical reports, journal citations, databases, Federal web sites, and fact... | 0 Comments

Monday 2 December

  • Fraudulent science (10:39) - What are information providers and users to do when scientific work is found fraudulent? Science has retracted papers it has published from Bell Labs scientist Jan Hendrik Schön. But other points of access to the Schön's work remains. See an... | 0 Comments

Friday 22 November

  • Kluwer Academic Publishers sold (15:41) - The publisher of Kluwer Academic Publishers (KAP) announced its sale to a London-based private equity funds firm, Candover and Cinven. KAP publishes about approximately 675 scientific and technical journal titles and the Kluwer Online electronic platform. It seems that Candover... | 0 Comments

Tuesday 17 September

  • In the news (16:08) - Librarians in the news Not related to engineering or science librarians per se but it is still interesting. Job openings University of Pennsylvania Library is looking for an Assistant Engineering Librarian.... | 0 Comments