June 2004

Friday 25 June

  • SLA Nashville presentations available (11:35) - Presentations from the SLA 2004 Annual Conference in Nashville are now available on the SLA Website.... | 1 Trackbacks | 0 Comments
  • New IEEE subscription for the private sector and service interruption (11:21) - IEEE will launch his Enterprise line of subscriptions for the private sector in July. Subscribers to IEEE Enterprise will be able to choose from three levels of access to IEEE information. Each level will allow a specific number of full-text... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments
  • Job opening (11:16) - Texas Tech University, in Lubbock, TX, is looking for a Science Librarian.... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments
  • The Library TV movie on TNT (10:00) - Now, quickly, just as an aside, can you say "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"?... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Thursday 17 June

  • Job openings (08:51) - Concordia University, in Montréal, Québec, is looking for a Reference and Subject Librarian Chemistry & Biochemistry, and Physics. The California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA, is searching for a Engineering, Physical Sciences, and Mathematics Librarian. The University of... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Wednesday 16 June

  • Web Feeds from Electronic Journals (16:53) - Gerry Mckiernan is now making available a very interesting listing of e-journals offering feeds of all kind (RSS/XML, Atom, or other) to the public, eFeeds(sm): Web Feeds from Electronic Journals. This is a complement to his other page, RSS(sm): Rich... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments
  • Astronomy preservation project (16:44) - The John G. Wolbach Library at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA) is in the final phase of a multi-year preservation project to preserve the history of Astronomy by microfilming Observatory Publications published between 1800 and 1950. Several hundreds documents... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments
  • New gateway page for IoP (16:38) - The Institute of Physics have prepared a new gateway page for their electronic journals service. This new page includes: Links to the journals homepages An events calendar The last 3 papers from IOP Select Links to the IoP services New... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Tuesday 15 June

  • Science Librarians Dinner at ALA (14:35) - The College Science Librarians and Issues in S/T Libraries Discussion Groups invite all science librarians to a Thai dinner at the Siam Orchid Restaurant at 6:30 pm on Sunday, June 27. Contact Beth Thomsett-Scott to RSVP and indicate your choice... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments
  • ASCE Proceedings online (14:32) - The American Society of Civil Engineers will lauch a new database in the Fall of 2004 containing ASCE proceedings papers from 2003 to the present. ASCE Online Proceedings will include more than 4,800 papers, or 50,000 pages of content. For... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Saturday 12 June

  • Conference doodads (11:42) - Just coming back from SLA, I can attest that vendors are getting pretty creative in the shwag department (the doodads to get you to the booths). Here is a sample from the BioConference 2004 in San Francisco. At SLA I... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments
  • Site-visit - IFLA in Buenos Aires (11:29) - The Spring 2004 Newsletter of the Science and Technology Section of the IFLA has been mailed and contains the full Section program for the conference in August. Thursday, August 24, the Section is organizing a site-visit to the Universidad de... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments
  • AJP back issues needed (11:18) - The American Journal of Physics is in the process of building its backfile archive. They are in need of specific issues to fill some gaps and are asking for donations. The volumes/issues needed: Volume 52 from 1982 issues 1 and... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments
  • BioMedNet closing (11:13) - BioMedNet, Elsevier's portal to life sciences content, will close on June 30 after nine years of operation for financial reasons. More information is available as to what will happen to the content after June.... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Thursday 10 June

  • ACRL-STS programing for ALA (14:11) - Jennie Duvernay, STS Web Editor, posted this very useful listing for STS Section programs for the upcoming ALA conference. STS Conference Schedule (full schedule of committee meetings, discussion groups and official program) STS New Member Orientation STS Program "Making Connections... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments
  • "The Future of Technical E-Books" offer (14:00) - William Woishnis, Knovel's co-founder, and the founder of William Andrew Publishing, made a presentation at the SLA Annual Conference on "The Future of Technical E-Books". An article is being prepared based on the presentation and has the following content: New... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments
  • Job openings (12:15) - Yale University, in New Haven, CT, has two positions at the Kline Science Library: General Science Librarian and a Temporary Science Librarian (while the first position is being filled). Argenta Discovery, in Harlow, England, is looking for an Information Scientist.... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Monday 7 June

  • And talking about socializing... (22:56) - ... Christina Pikas is blogging on her own blog beside me right now... Hey, small world... I am having a good time here!... | 1 Trackbacks | 0 Comments
  • Drinkin' in the PAM suite (22:46) - John Dupuis here...Enjoying the atmosphere at SLA. One of the most important functions at any professional conference is networking, and that is certainly the case here. One of my favourite things at conferences is meeting with fellow librarians and especailly... | 2 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Saturday 5 June

  • Off to Nashville (09:28) - Englib is going to be a bit quieter these next few days as I am attending the SLA Conference in Nashville. See you there, maybe!... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Friday 4 June

  • Job openings (14:16) - Dartmouth College, in Hanover, NH, is seeking a Physical Sciences Librarian. Dartmouth has also reopened its search for a Business/Engineering Librarian. The University of Arkansas, in Fayetteville, AR, is looking for an Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Science Librarian. The Peace... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Wednesday 2 June

  • Job opening (21:41) - Montana Tech of The University of Montana, in Butte, MT, is looking for a Reference Librarian.... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments
  • CAS abbreviations (14:32) - Useful, some lists of abbreviations used by CAS: Short title, complete title, CODEN, and publication frequency for the key/core journals covered in the CAplus file on STN Standard abbreviations and acronyms, for print and online... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments
  • ASA bulletins (14:24) - The Astronomical Society of Australia has decided to limit the publication of its bulletin to one per year. Each bulletin will contain a full listing of the papers published over the past year. It will be released in July to... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments
  • SLA-PAM volunteering opportunities (14:08) - Volunteers for several PAM Committees and Board positions for the upcoming year are needed: Public Relations Committee Chair Assistant Bulletin Editor 2005 Astronomy Roundtable Moderator 2005 Computer Science Roundtable Moderator 2005 Mathematics Roundtable Moderator 2005 PAM Wide Roundtable Moderator 2005... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments
  • ASEE-ELD vote (13:55) - The online ballot for Secretary / Treasurer and Director is now available for voting. Deadline is 11:59 PM, EST, Tuesday, June 15, 2004. Use your membership number to vote. Candidates have prepared statements linked from the ballot.... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments