June 2003

Tuesday 24 June

  • Accessibility improvement in Axiom (18:06) - One feature I like in databases is the highlighting of the terms searched for in the results screens. The good people at Axiom will change this feature to make it easier for users with color perception problems. The hightlighted terms... | 1 Comments
  • Service interruption for IEEE Xplore (17:59) - On Wednesday June 25th, online services to IEL, ASPP, POP, POP All, IEEE Spectrum and Proceedings of the IEEE Online from IEEE will be interrupted at approximately 10 AM Eastern Standard Time.... | 0 Comments

Tuesday 17 June

  • IMLS grants (14:41) - The 2004 IMLS Grant Programs brochure is now available. The Institute also launched an online tutorial to help libraries, archives, and museums develop project plans for applications.... | 0 Comments
  • SLA name change (14:36) - Well, this not breaking news anymore but for those still not in the know: SLA members voted decidedly to keep the Special Libraries Association name.... | 0 Comments

Wednesday 11 June

  • Job opening (15:13) - The Linda Hall Library of Science, Engineering & Technology, in Kansas City, MO, is searching for a Reference Librarian. Contact Valerie Nowosielski of The Morley Group for more information.... | 0 Comments

Tuesday 10 June

  • Job openings (13:46) - The University of Wyoming, in Laramie, is seeking an applicant for a Head of Science Reference Librarian. The Florida State University, in Tallahassee, is looking for a Science Librarian. An older one, but still open, is the search for an... | 2 Comments
  • Two new books series by SIAM (13:34) - The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) created two new book series: Computational Science and Engineering, and Fundamentals of Algorithms.... | 0 Comments

Thursday 5 June

  • Acquisitions in the publishing world (15:54) - A proposed acquisition risks to create another monolithic publisher, trailing the heels of Elsevier Science. The two equity firms that acquired Kluwer Academic Publishers in January, Candover and Cinven, now want to buy BertelsmannSpringer. They intend to merge Kluwer and... | 0 Comments
  • New subject collection in Knovel (15:29) - Knovel now sports an electrical and power engineering subject area with 11 titles currently available. Within the Subject Area, the Sub Areas are Design, Electrical Devices, Industrial Safety, and Power Generation. Publishers include McGraw-Hill, Butterworth-Heinemann, Newnes, and The Royal Society... | 0 Comments
  • Job openings (15:21) - The Florida Institute of Technology, in Melbourne, is looking for an Instruction Librarian. On a more managerial path, the California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo is looking for an Assistant Dean for Information and Instructional Services.... | 0 Comments

Wednesday 4 June

  • How cool is that? (10:45) - This modest blog is mentioned in this month's issue of the Internet Resources Newsletter, along with The (sci-tech) Library Question and the Confessions of a Science Librarian. My thanks to editors Roddy MacLeod, Catherine Ure and Catherine Ferguson.... | 1 Comments
  • ASME article (10:41) - Mel De Sart mentionned on the eld list that the June 2003 issue of the ASME's Mechanical Engineering magazine features an article on information organization / knowledge management. The article mentions the Knovel e-books products and two actual libraries, the... | 0 Comments
  • ELD this and that (10:30) - ELD is now looking to fill some of its committee chairs. The chairs serve two-year renewable terms. Available for the new year are: - Archivist - E-Discussion Lists Editor - Liaisons Program - Membership Directory - Webmaster - Mentoring Task... | 0 Comments