May 2003

Thursday 29 May

  • Issues in Science & Technology Librarianship (15:45) - The Spring 2003 issue of Issues in Science & Technology Librarianship is now online. The theme is Information Literacy for Science & Technology.... | 0 Comments
  • Job openings (15:23) - The University of Rhode Island, in Kingston, is looking for an Assistant Professor (Physical Sciences & Engineering Librarian). The University of Kentucky, in Lexington, KY, is searching for a Library Manager for the Lexmark Information Center. The Atlanta Technical College,... | 0 Comments
  • Electrical safety information (15:21) - The IEEE Standards Association has created an online Electrical Safety Resource Center (ESRC) .... | 0 Comments

Monday 19 May

  • ASEE-ELD Awards announced (13:25) - ELD's Awards Committee has announced this year's winners: - the Homer I. Bernhardt Distinguished Service Award will be presented to Christy Hightower, Engineering Librarian at the University of California Santa Cruz. - the 2003 Best Paper Award goes Ibironke (Ronke)... | 0 Comments

Thursday 15 May

  • SLA Annual Business Meeting (14:53) - Interested parties can attend the Annual Business Meeting at SLA this June without having to register for the whole conference. This is the infamous meeting on June 11 where the future name of the association will be decided (Information Professionals... | 0 Comments
  • ELD - Bylaws and ballot (13:45) - The second version of the revised bylaws are online. Comment before Tuesday, May 20th. And The nominating committee has announced the 2003 slate of candidates for both Director and Secretary/Treasurer. For Director: - Honora Nerz, North Carolina State University -... | 0 Comments

Tuesday 13 May

  • DOAJ (14:32) - The DOAJ is a nicely done directory of open access journals in all disciplines. The directory only contains fulltext, open access scientific and scholarly journals that use an appropriate quality control system to guarantee the content. It is hosted by... | 0 Comments
  • Engineering college profile data (14:16) - ASEE just published online their most recent edition of their engineering college profiles. Data on engineering or engineering technology programs from about 350 schools has been collected. The individual profiles for about 300 of those schools is accessible.... | 1 Comments
  • Job openings (14:04) - The Yale University Science Library, in New Haven, CT has two positions open: Science Librarian and Science Cataloging Coordinator/Library Shelving Facility Cataloging Coordinator. The Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) is looking for a Reference Librarian/Bibliographer for Computer Science/Information Technology &... | 0 Comments

Friday 9 May

  • SLA HQ for sale? (16:00) - An Open Forum to discuss the potential sale of the SLA headquarters building will be held on Tuesday, May 20, 10:00am at the SLA headquarters conference room, 1700 18th Street NW, Washington, DC. For RSVP.... | 0 Comments
  • ELD Get Acquainted session (15:49) - In order to better prepare for the Get Acquainted session at ELD, future attendees are asked to list some of the achievements, news and topics they would like to discuss. All lists will be compiled and distributed in advance so... | 0 Comments
  • New open-access journal coming (15:38) - (This is not totally engineering-physical science, but heck. Other titles will be coming) The Public Library of Science announced the lauch in October 2003 of PLoS Biology. The PLoS is a nonprofit scientific publishing venture that will make the full... | 1 Comments
  • Field trip at SLA (15:25) - Sara Tompson, chair of the Engineering Division, has more details about the field trip to EI at the annual conference. The trip to Hoboken, NJ, will have a personalized tour and highlight the selection, production, and electronic development of EI/Elsevier... | 0 Comments
  • One last note: engineering lib blog (15:21) - Randy Reichardt, who started an engineering library blog a few weeks ago, renamed his blog to The (scitech) Library Question.... | 0 Comments

Thursday 8 May

  • Job opening (13:45) - The University of Kentucky, in Lexington, KY, is looking for a Chemistry/Physics Librarian to be responsible for the overall management of the Chemistry and Physics Library.... | 0 Comments

Wednesday 7 May

  • EBSCOhost (13:42) - If you are subscribing to EBSCOhost, note that improvements will be implemented in the coming weeks to some of the databases, like Academic Search Premier: - reference browsing (citations made in an article and articles in which the article is... | 0 Comments
  • ScienceDirect this-and-that (13:24) - ScienceDirect is making search boxes available for your library. There is two styles of a journal title finder search box to choose from. You can also download a Scirus search box or toolbar (Scirus is a specialized search engine for... | 1 Comments
  • SLA Conference listserv (11:13) - As with every year, SLA has put up its conference listserv, where you can get more information about the conference and its location and ask questions if needed. You can subscribe on the SLA web site.... | 0 Comments

Tuesday 6 May

  • Skills for successful freshmen (14:21) - A new booklet aimed at highschools, "Understanding University Success", has been prepared by a group of research universities and the Pew Charitable Trusts. The booklet presents what college freshmen need to know to succeed academically in various fields. If you... | 1 Comments
  • ELD bylaws (13:39) - ASEE-ELD is revising its bylaws this June and asks for comments from its members. Revisions to the bylaws have been posted. If time permits, comments will be incorporated in time for the conference. Keep viewing the webpage for the different... | 0 Comments

Monday 5 May

  • Ariadne (14:55) - Issue 35 of the electronic Ariadne magazine has just been published. Of note, Nicola Harrison and Roddy MacLeod of the EEVL and the Internet Resources Newsletter offer an article on the EEVL's free full-text e-journals and Engineering E-journal Search Engine.... | 0 Comments
  • High Energy Physics Libraries Webzine (14:45) - And the High Energy Physics Libraries Webzine just published its latest issue.... | 0 Comments
  • ALA in Toronto (14:37) - ALA has confirmed that its annual conference will take place in Toronto this year, in conjunction with the Canadian Library Association's conference.... | 0 Comments

Friday 2 May

  • More research help from ScienceDirect (10:57) - The ScienceDirect people are starting a 10-week series of research guides for their subscribers. The Web Research Guides will be sent by email but can also be accessed on the Web.... | 0 Comments