March 2003

Monday 31 March

Saturday 29 March

  • Profits for Elsevier (17:09) - 2002 has been profitable for Reed-Elsevier. Their reported 2002 net profit went up 43% from the previous year to reach $288.9 million, up 43% from GBP 126 million the previous year. Revenue climbed 10%. What is the secret of their... | 0 Comments

Saturday 22 March

  • Engineers and writing (17:13) - For a smile, read Donald Christiansen's piece about engineers' incapacity to understand each others' writings.... | 0 Comments
  • IEEE Biomedical Engineering Library (17:06) - The new IEEE Biomedical Engineering Library, mentionned in this blog on 01/24/2003, will be available on March 31st. It will contain approximately 40,000 articles and papers in the area of biomedical engineering, selected by keyword from the full range of... | 0 Comments
  • New Journal of Physics by suject (16:46) - A new way of surveying the entire content of the New Journal of Physics (by the Institute of Physics) is to peruse the new subject categories across all areas of physics.... | 0 Comments
  • Knovel and WorldCat (16:34) - Knovel is currently working with OCLC to make MARC records for Knovel titles available in the WorldCat database. They are also available through WorldCat Collection Sets for libraries interested in loading the records into their local online catalogs.... | 0 Comments
  • Science Festival for girls at Linda Hall (16:30) - On April 26, the Linda Hall Library, along with other organizations, will host the Sally Ride-UMKC Science Festival for 5th to 8th grade girls. The message of the festival is that women can succeed in science. A total of 36... | 0 Comments
  • ELD Member Directory (16:21) - The ELD Directory of Members will be updated sometimes between now and the Annual Conference in June. You can request a PDF copy of the Directory with Andy Stewart and send him any updating necessary.... | 0 Comments

Thursday 20 March

  • Jobs openings (15:39) - The Department of Commerceís National Institute of Standards and Technology, in Gaithersburg, MD, is looking for a Technical Information Specialist. See and refer to NIST vacancy number 03-1316-CD for more details.... | 0 Comments
  • Astronaut program for SLA scientific divisions (15:29) - The Engineering, Sci-Tech and Aerospace divisions just added a new event to their program for SLA's annual conference. NASA astronaut Dr Daniel Barry is to talk about use of information in space. The talk, #630, is called Information in Space... | 0 Comments

Wednesday 12 March

  • Job openings (15:41) - The University of Arizona, in Tucson, has three librarian positions open. The first is Team Leader - Science & Engineering; the other two are for Assistant Librarians for the Science & Engineering Team. The Community Transportation Association of America, Washington... | 0 Comments

Saturday 8 March

  • ELD program at Nashville (11:58) - The ELD program for Nashville is now online. Open the drop down menu for Session Sponsoring Division and search by Engineering Libraries.... | 0 Comments
  • ASEE-ELD Awards (11:55) - It is now time to submit nominations for three association awards. Deadline for nominations is March 31st. 1. Homer I. Bernhardt Distinguished Service Award 2. Best Paper Award 3. Best Reference Work Award... | 0 Comments
  • SLA-Eng Elections (11:51) - The slate of candidates for the Engineering Division of SLA elections is now available. The ballots will be arriving in the mail shortly.... | 0 Comments
  • Polymer Library on Axiom (11:45) - New on the Axiom platform is the Polymer Library, formerly known as the Rapra Abstracts database. It contains references to the worldwide scientific, technical and trade literature concerning rubber, plastics, adhesives and polymeric composites. Contact IoP if you are interested.... | 0 Comments

Thursday 6 March

  • ENCompass (14:56) - I spent my morning at a presentation of ENCompass by Endeavor people. What a nifty tool. It sure seems nice to be able to look up a library catalog, e-books, articles databases and websites all in one search. If anybody... | 0 Comments
  • Job opening (14:46) - The search for an Head of Reference for the Curtis Laws Wilson Library of the University of Missouri-Rolla has been reopened. UM-Rolla is the science and engineering campus of the UM system.... | 0 Comments

Wednesday 5 March

  • IEEE and Divine/RoweCom subscriptions (13:49) - If you are studk in the Divine/RoweCom debacle and your subscription money hasn't made it to IEEE, they have two options for you. 1) Your print subscriptions will be graced through the end of the 2003 subscription year, with uninterrupted... | 0 Comments
  • SciFinder Scholar presentation (13:26) - If you are a SciFinder Scholar key contact and are attending the American Chemical Society meeting in New Orleans this March, CAS offers a free presentation of SFS2002 along with lunch. More information at [email protected] | 0 Comments
  • Job opening (13:19) - The University of Virginia Library has an opening for the position of Librarian for Life Sciences in the Science and Engineering Libraries (SEL).... | 0 Comments
  • For subscribers of ScienceDirect (13:14) - Available for subscribers is the ScienceDirect Librarian Services page . A lot of tools (usage reports, info about linkage, user guides and tips, etc) are available for librarians and you can receive a free SD Connect newsletter with the latest... | 0 Comments
  • IFLA project (13:06) - The IFLA Section of Science and Technology Libraries is asking for help: they want to gather information regarding studies and reports about the needs of scientific and technological libraries in less-developed and developing countries. If you know of any such... | 0 Comments