October 2002

Thursday 31 October

  • CSLSP-E free trial (13:18) - IEEE's Computer Society has created an online version of the IEEE Computer Society Library Subscription Plan (CSLSP-e). A free trial is available. The plan includes all Computer Society's journals and magazines from 1988 to the present,and 850 conference proceedings titles.... | 0 Comments
  • IEEE and ISI link together (13:12) - Soon, users of ISI's Web of Science will be able to access IEEE full text articles and proceedings with a new linking agreement between the two publishers. The actual implentation fo the links will take place later this year.... | 0 Comments
  • McGill searches still (13:09) - McGill University, Montrťal QC, is still looking for a Head of the Schulich Library of Science and Engineering. I visited the library last summer and this is one nice facility.... | 0 Comments

Tuesday 29 October

  • Hey, more job openings! (15:37) - This time in the business world... The Eastman Chemical Company is looking for a Senior Information Scientist for its Kingsport, TN offices. Agilent Technologies is looking for a Manager of Libraries and Information Services position located in Palo Alto, CA.... | 0 Comments

Saturday 26 October

  • Another job posting (09:32) - Drexel University Libraries, in Philadelphia is looking for an Information Services Librarian - Engineering. This is a newly created position.... | 0 Comments

Tuesday 22 October

  • Jobs, jobs, jobs (14:10) - This is a repost: Yale University is still looking for a Science Librarian, Chemistry Subject Specialist for the Kline Science Library. This a revised and reposted position: the University of Pennsylvania is also still looking for an Assistant Head for... | 0 Comments
  • Abstracts for SLA Sci-Tech (13:36) - I talked talked talked about the ASEE-ELD deadline for abstracts for next year's conference, but I forgot that October 31st is also the deadline for the Science and Technology Division for SLA 2003. Please submit to Roger Beckman.... | 0 Comments

Monday 21 October

  • IoP Reviews (15:59) - The Institute of Physics is offering a new electronic service, Physics Reviews. This product, free of charge, "brings together all review articles published in IOP's journals, including topical reviews and those from (IoP's) dedicated review journal Reports on Progress in... | 0 Comments

Wednesday 16 October

  • What about Mycroft? (19:26) - Sherlock Holmes became today the first fictional character to be granted an honorary fellowship to the Royal Society of Chemistry. The event marked the centenary of Holmes' most celebrated case, The Hound of the Baskervilles, as well as the 100th... | 0 Comments
  • New from CAS (10:20) - CAS has announced the lauch of the newest version of SciFinder Scholar, aptly named 2002, as well as the latest STN Express with Discover for Windows version 6.01.... | 0 Comments

Thursday 10 October

  • Free standards to continue (16:07) - The National Information Standards Organization has announced that it will continue to offer its full text standards for free in PDF format. As a reminder, "The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) is a non-profit organization accredited by the American National... | 0 Comments
  • Virtual Reference Award (16:01) - Does your library offer any kind of virtual reference? Do you know of others who do a good job of it? The Virtual Reference Desk Project is currently accepting nominations for the VRD Exemplary Services 2002 Award, to be given... | 0 Comments
  • ELD Bylaws (15:50) - ELD members, Mel DeSart, Past Chair emeritus, is now chair on a task force on the association Bylaws. He is looking for people to help him in his task. Drop him a note if you are interested.... | 0 Comments

Wednesday 2 October

  • ASEE conferences (14:19) - The deadline for the submission of abstracts for the ASEE SE conference in Macon has been pushed back to October 14. The deadline to submit a paper for the ASEE annual conference in Nashville is October 31st.... | 0 Comments
  • George Mandel Memorial Award (14:11) - Nominations are now being sought for the George Mandel Memorial Award, presented annually by the Aerospace Section of the Engineering Division of SLA. If you want to congratulate a colleague for a job well done, here are the details.... | 0 Comments
  • On the job front (13:47) - The Engineering Library at the University of Notre Dame is looking for an assistant engineering librarian. Do you like football?... | 0 Comments