September 2002

Friday 27 September

  • Any writing issues with your users? (14:08) - A new book by Wiley-IEEE Press could help engineering students preparing, producing, and distributing engineering documents: Handbook for Preparing Engineering Documents: From Concept to Completion by Joan G. Nagle. [What's New @ IEEE newsletter] Recommended by a colleague: Engineering Libraries:... | 0 Comments
  • ASEE SE Conference (13:50) - The deadline for abstracts for the ASEE SE Conference in Macon, GA is coming up on October 1st. The theme is "Bringing Reality into the Classroom" and guidelines are available.... | 0 Comments

Tuesday 24 September

  • Free MIT class content (13:36) - Following a decision made in April 2001, MIT will make publicly available on the Web materials from virtually all of its courses for non-commercial use. The first series of classes will be available September 2002. The initiative, called MIT OpenCourseWare... | 0 Comments
  • Job openings (13:26) - Bucknell University, in Lewisburg PA, is looking for a Librarian/Information Specialist for Engineering Resources. The University of Minnesota Libraries - Twin Cities Campus is looking for a Science Librarian.... | 0 Comments

Tuesday 17 September

  • In the news (16:08) - Librarians in the news Not related to engineering or science librarians per se but it is still interesting. Job openings University of Pennsylvania Library is looking for an Assistant Engineering Librarian.... | 0 Comments

Thursday 12 September

  • ASEE-ELD (22:56) - Associations For ASEE-ELD members, there are several chair openings: Membership chair, Literature Guides Subcommittee chair and ELD Bylaws Revision taskforce leader. See the association's officers page for contact information.... | 0 Comments
  • Content (22:56) - Content IEEE news: it is now possible to buy the full-text of an article of a journal or a proceeding via Article Purchase Online in IEEE Xplore. $13 US for members, $35 for the others. Browse to the issue and... | 0 Comments
  • Test a new search engine (15:40) - In development Want to test an adaptive search engine? Phibot, a research project of the University of Mainz and the German Institute of Artificial Intelligence, covers 70 million pages in its medical science index, and about 200 million general science... | 0 Comments