August 2002

Saturday 31 August

  • Papers & Content (16:05) - Call for papers The SLA Science & Technology Division invites submissions for its Session in the Annual SLA Conference in New York, June 7-12, 2003. The theme is: Needs Assessment in the Sci-Tech Library: Using Innovative Analytical and Practical Experience... | 0 Comments

Wednesday 28 August

  • Helpful readers (15:40) - I am lucky to have helpful readers :) Matt Eberle, author of the Library Techlog, sent me these URLs as an intro to SFX and OpenURL: -'OpenResolver: a Simple OpenURL Resolver', Ariadne Issue 28 - SFX Handout (PDF) - SFX... | 0 Comments

Tuesday 27 August

  • A Long Hiatus... (15:54) - but I am back. And lots of news to communicate... but not all in one day. I apologize for the delay in publication. On the job front: - The Technical Library at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico is... | 1 Comments