May 2002

Friday 31 May

  • Quick SLA news: (16:27) - - Sci-Tech News, the bulletin for the Engineering, Sciences and Technology SLA Divisions will not be mailed in time for SLA in June. A special edition can be found at - For a list of Sci-Tech Division activities in... | 0 Comments

Thursday 23 May

  • Questions (16:28) - They come to your desk, they have a question, they use the latest buzzwords. Now, you will remain cool and unfazed with the help of this list. At the end of the article, another URL for buzzwords, essential to the... | 0 Comments

Saturday 18 May

  • Remember (16:29) - Do you remember the Public Library of Science's call for a boycott last April? To this day, over 30 000 scientists had signed an open letter to ask the scientific publishers to make their content freely accessible online once it... | 0 Comments

Thursday 9 May

  • IOP (16:30) - Go try an IOP search! IOP is experimenting with clustering software - Vivismo - for results lists. Any list with more than 25 results can be clustered into topics. You can then have access to the full text of the... | 0 Comments

Friday 3 May

  • New Windows (16:31) - You may have noticed yesterday that my links had a new window as a target. I suddenly realized that it bugs me on the blogs I read, so why was I doing it on mine? :) LSSI is launching a... | 0 Comments

Thursday 2 May

  • Free Trial (16:32) - Yesterday, the ACS launched the free trial of their full-text Archives database for their journals. Only institutional ACS Web Edition subscribers can subscribe for the trial though. Articles included come from all titles (except the most recent) from their first... | 0 Comments