April 2002

Tuesday 30 April

  • PBS (16:33) - Tonigh on PBS, NOVA presents Why the Towers Fell , a documentary on the collapse of the World Trade Center and the following investigation by forensic engineers. ISI announces improvements to BIOSIS Previews and Web of Science. They also are... | 0 Comments

Thursday 25 April

  • SLA Nominations (16:34) - The Engineering Division of SLA is looking for nominations for its 2001/2002 Ei/SLA Engineering Librarian Award. They're looking to reward great accomplishments and contributions from members of the Engineering Librarian profession. See the website for more details. At MLA in... | 0 Comments

Thursday 18 April

  • IoP (16:35) - IoP has launched a portal on Bose-Einstein condensation and matter wave called BEC Matters: news, websites, conference information and direct access, when subscribing, to the full text of relevant articles in IoP journals. Some improvements were also added to their... | 0 Comments

Tuesday 16 April

  • Technology Grant News (16:53) - Technology Grant News just published its latest issue. The serial informs non-profit organizations about various funding for technology use and science education programs. Subscription is $125/$85 depending on status.... | 0 Comments

Saturday 13 April

  • ASEE (16:52) - Next Tuesday, April 16th, is the last day for the early bird registration to the ASEE annual conference. A whopping $352 instead of whopping-er $407. Anyone who is a member, can you tell me if you think this is a... | 0 Comments

Wednesday 10 April

  • JPL (16:51) - Those attending the SLA Annual Conference in Los Angeles can sign up to visit the Jet Propulsion Laboratory on June 13. Tour includes a multimedia presentation and visits to the JPL Museum, Space Flight Operations Facility, Micro-Devices Lab, Regional Planetary... | 0 Comments

Friday 5 April

  • Just Joking (16:50) - What is nice with a blog is that you start paying attention to a lot more things in case of something of interest for the blog pops up (!). For example, I read on a listserv about the webzine High... | 0 Comments

Thursday 4 April

  • Smithsonian (16:50) - Reading the April issue of the Smithsonian, I saw that the National Museum of American History in Washington is displaying since February an exhibit about teaching math in America. The exhibit is ongoing. In the same issue of the magazine,... | 0 Comments
  • Scourge (16:49) - OT and 2 years old but amusing and still current. As we know, libraries are The Scourge of Publishing.... | 0 Comments

Tuesday 2 April

  • Physics (16:48) - Now, it up to the Physics department to hold its annual Bullit Lecture at the University of Louisville. The guest speaker is Fred Espenak from the NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center and the title of the lecture is "Solar Eclipses and... | 0 Comments