SLA Board of Directors elections start today

Sep 7, 2011 by

At the beginning of this year, I was honored to be asked to run as a candidate for a position on the SLA Board of Directors. I’ve been active in SLA since 2000 and I greatly look forward the opportunity to serve on the national level.

The elections start today, September 7th, 12:00 a.m. EDT. Each member will receive an email with a link to the ballot (print ballots are also available). Voting will end September 28th, 5:00 p.m. EDT.

I’m running for Division Cabinet Chair-Elect, a position that links and represents the Divisions to the Board. I hope, if you are a SLA member, that you will vote for me (although Ann Koopman, my “opponent” is a very worthy person as well) but more importantly, I hope that you will simply… vote. It’s one of the most effective way that you, as a member, to have an impact on the Association and decide where you want it to go.

Since the candidate slate has been announced, we were asked by current President Elect Brent Mai to answer questions. Some answers were answered on the SLA Blog (click on “2011 Candidates” in the Category menu) and some were answered at events during the Annual Conference in Philadelphia. For your convenience, I link to each of my answers below (they can also be found on this blog as well.) You can also learn more about me on the “About” page on this blog, my candidate page and you can see what I’m tweeting about at @englib.

  • Question #1 What sort of advice would you give to professionals in their first library-related position who might be interested in nontraditional career paths?
  • Question #2 When did you first join SLA? What made you decide to join then, and why do you still belong today?
  • Question #3 What is the newest “techie” gadget that you have/would like to have, and how do/would you use it to improve the work relationship that you have with your primary clientele?
  • Question #4 How has your work with SLA over the years helped you grow in the profession?
  • Candidate Speech – Joint Cabinet Meeting
    Question #1 Tell us about yourself and your primary candidate message
    Question #2 The information industry is constantly changing (the players, the technologies, the information availability & needs, etc.). Living within this environment, SLA must be an agile organization able to adapt as the industry matures. What services/functions/features should SLA change and what absolutely must be preserved as we become Future Ready?
  • Question #5 SLA is an international organization. How can SLA involve and reach out more to members outside of North America?

Thank you for voting!

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