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Jul 28, 2009 by

The Yale Libraries have debuted the new MyCopy service by Springer. Has your library?

Library patrons can now order their personal soft cover books via MyCopy.
Following the successful completion of the MyCopy pilot project, Springer has extended this eBook service to all academic libraries in the USA and Canada that have purchased Springer eBook Collections.

All registered library patrons can now order a soft cover copy of a Springer eBook for their personal use by simply clicking on a button on

More than 11,000 books included at $24.95 each

The MyCopy offer is currently valid for more than 11,000 electronic Springer books published since 2005. The new soft cover format is branded as a MyCopy book with a color cover and black and white book content.

All books will be sold at the same price, US$ 24.95. This price includes shipping and handling within the USA and Canada.

Update: the University of Alberta is offering this service as well

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