College students don’t use Twitter

Apr 21, 2009 by

In a report on a USF study, that I found a little disheartening, it was concluded that, while college students do use social media, they don’t use Twitter much and remain unaware of its use for business/professional purposes.

So, they use it to connect with friends, but couldn’t care less about businesses, brands or organizations trying to reach out to them that way. Which could means that very few students would follow a library’s Twitter profile, or if we extrapolate to other platforms, a library’s Facebook Page for example. Discouraging when students are the main clienteles I want to reach using those tools.

Rates of usage are very low:

Of the 250 Florida college students surveyed, 99 percent use social networking sites. However, only 15 percent have an account with Twitter and 34 percent have never even heard of the site. Some 58 percent of the students who have Twitter accounts never use the service or rarely log-on.

Is this only in Florida? Is this only for the lowerclassmen? If I look right now at the followers of my library’s Twitter profile, I see faculty, staff, other librarians and library organizations, an alumn and community members. No one that I could really call a true-blue student. I’m working on more promotion right now so maybe that will change a bit. I need to research what has worked elsewhere (because there are plenty of libraries on Twitter.)

I still think Twitter is a great way to push news and content to users but maybe those users need to be more educated on Twitter.

And by the way, my library’s profile is @usfplib :)

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