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Very interesting post about the use of Twitter during presentations, by both attendees and presenter, over at Pistachio. Which brings a host of issues and interrogations: is it rude to look at a laptop instead of the presenter? why are the attendees twittering? Are they interested or bored? (enerving for the presenter) Should the presenter or moderator be on the lookout for the back-channel during the presentation? What would be the effects of that? And how to set it up? Is the back and forth enhancing or hindering the live presentation content? Conferences usually have a hash tag set up in advance, but should each session have one as well? Should the presenter determine it at the beginning?

A few months ago, I gave a seminar using synchronous electronic classroom software (Elluminate). While I was presenting my slides, the chat room was full of questions and back and forth among the participants. It was a bit distracting for me. However, it permitted some participants to answer other’s questions without having to interrupt me to get access to the microphone (and helped me in the process because I didn’t have answers for all of them). It permitted participants to create relationships and compare their experience. I imagine a Twitter back-channel to be very similar to this experience.

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  1. Interesting topic! I like the idea of people answering questions among themselves. I think it’s pretty obvious that Twitter is here to stay (until the next great thing comes along, I guess) and distracting or not, we’ll all have to find ways to get used to it.

    On an unrelated note, I really like your blog. It looks strangely familiar. I bet I know who designed it… :o)


  1. EngLib Library News and Info » Blog Archive » Twitter and conference meetings - [...] a collateral to my February 25th post, Peter Bromberg at the Library Garden blog, posts about Twitter etiquette at …

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